About Pathumthani University

Pathumthani University

    Pathumthani University was founded and commenced on education in academic year 2000 based on ambition and expanding education opportunity to youth of Chanakan Yuenyong, PhD., the President who was granted a license. For the first commencement, the University was permitted by the Ministry of University Affairs (Currently: Office of the Higher Education Commission) to be entitled Pathumthani College
    Later, in the year 2004 the University was permitted to change educational type to be Pathumthani University according to continual developing in education quality. For physical facility, the University was built the first building, which His Holiness Somdet Phrayanasamvara, the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand was the President to lay the foundation stone. This building was kindly named by Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya to be Ubol Ratana Rajakanya Building and the Princess kindly came to the university as the President. Until 2008, the University was built the second building, which Somdej Phra Buddhajarn (Kiew Uppaseno), Chairman of the committee for acting on behalf of the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand came to lay the foundation stone. And this building also University humbly begged for his Majesty grant to name this building The 60th Anniversary of His Majesty the Kings Accession to the Throne Building and this building also opened by Princess Ubol Ratana Rajakanya. In the year 2012, the University was built the third building, which Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali, the Princess Mother of the Kings First Grandchild was kindly the President to lay the foundation stone. This was the royal grace for Pathumthani University which the administrators, faculty, staff, and students were extremely proud of this.
    At present, the University offers 5 Doctoral degree programs, 6 Master Degree programs, and 20 Bachelors Degree programs.
    Besides the above information both academic Affairs and physical facilities, the University manages and develops under 4 main missions on teaching and learning, research, academic services for society, and preservation of arts and culture. All of these missions are the proactive work for the University since they are the most important and the University intend to demonstrate them as its identity and evidence-based development.

Emblem of Pathumthani University

    Emblem of Pathumthani University is shaped as a circle emblem surround with ribbon. There is the name of Pathumthani University in Thai on the top and the name of the University in English at the bottom of the circle. Inside the circle, there is a royal lotus at the centre of a world globe floating on the water with a book underneath.
Globe means universality
Book means knowledge sources of many sciences
Royal Lotus means virtue, morals, ethics and goodness
Water means dynamic power of thoughts
Ribbon means courage, success and honor
    Therefore, the entire meaning of the emblem of Pathumthani University refers to the world class educational institution preparing graduates with full of knowledge, capability, ethics and morals in lifestyle, dynamic self-development, courage in creating and leading society for their success and honors.

        Motto of Pathumthani University
        Be academic expertise, ethical and capacity to implementation

    Color of Pathumthani University
    Pink and blue with the following meaning;
        Pink means gentleness, brightness, and love own educational Institution
        Blue means stability, firmness, and praise the King Institution
    Therefore, colour of Pathumthani University refers to stability, gentleness, love the University, and praise the King Institution.

    Pathumthani Universitys Mascot
    Pathumthani Universitys Mascot: Indian Coral Tree and Royal Lotus.

Class Schedule

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

  • Bachelor of Engineering Program in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering Program in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering Program in Industrial Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science Program in Digital Media Technology

Faculty of Liberal Arts and Education

  • Bachelor of Arts Program in Tourism and Hotel
  • Bachelor of Education Program in Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelor of Education Program in General Science
  • Bachelor of Education Islamic Teaching
  • Master of Education Program in Educational Administion
  • Doctor of Education Program in Educational Administion
  • Master of Arts
  • Doctor of Philosophy

Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy

  • Bachelor of Business Program in Business Computer
  • Bachelor of Business Program in Management
  • Bachelor of Business Program in Industrial and Logistics Management
  • Bachelor of Accountancy Program
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Business Administration Program

Faculty of Nursing

  • Bachelor of Nursing Science Program

Faculty of Law

  • Bachelor of Laws Program in Laws
  • Master of Law
  • Doctor of Law

Faculty of Public Health and Environmental

  • Bachelor of Public Health
  • Bachelor of Science Occupational Health and Safety
  • Bachelor of Science Environmental Health
  • Bachelor of Thai Traditional Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science Sport Science and Exercise
  • Master of Public Health Program in Heailth Systems Management

Faculty of Political Science

  • Bachelor of Political Science Program Political Science
  • Master of Public Administration
  • Master of Political Science
  • Doctor of Public Administration Program
  • Doctor of Political Science

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